Season 3

S3 E10 – Sex Clubs, Back Room Bars And Nyc’s Seedy Underbelly

It was the 1970s and 1980s In New York City. If there was a major club or bar, chances the mafia had their hands involved. They offered "protection" from the police closing your business [in the form of cash payoffs]. The corruption was so extensive it was considered necessary to stay open. Eventually the mafia strong hold on clubs, gambling and liquor was stopped by the FBI, prosecutors and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Clubs, Bars, Sex Parties, Back Rooms, "In House" Drug Dealers, were all the norm in New York nightlife.

S3 E9 – Hip Hop Be Bop / How It Was Made

It was the 1980's and the music business was the wild west in many aspects. Many of the hit records I did, back then, was actually recorded in my "bedroom" studio. Once those records were made, they had to be promoted to the world. Listen to the crazy story that involved the "unethical" methods [including drug bribes] that the record label used to promote my music!

S3 E8 – I Had Severe Panic and Bipolar Disorder

I post this in hope to help educate people on mental health success stories and help others that are suffering. No shame in Mental Health and to those that suffer, you are not alone, and can have relief. Just ask, there is a way to a better life.

S3 E7 – FAME School Of The Performing Arts & Freddy Prinze

IF you remember the 80's movie FAME, it was based on the New York City High School Of The Performing Arts. I went there, and was thrown out of there, the same day as Freddy Prinze [Chico and the Man Tv show]. This story is pretty funny as I "told off" the principle as he was tossing me out of school. As wild as the movie was portrayed, it was pretty accurate [Dancing On The Lunchroom Tables, etc.].

S3 E5 – Did I Sell 90 Million Copies Of My Music To Date, And Not Get Paid!

Well, this true story talks about the dark underbelly of the music business, and how an artists music gets licensed, sold and distributed, often illegally buy their own record companies, and never honestly accounted for. Also talks about the silent PACs [Political Action Committees] funded by the business, that change fairness laws in their favor, so they don't have to LEGALLY pay musicians. Listen how this unfolds in this fascinating story of the music business and it's practices.

S3 E3 – My Deeper Klaus Nomi Story

Klaus Nomi was a true unique legend. His was unfortunately one of the first to pass away from G.R.I.D. [Gay Related Immune Deficiency] now known as AIDS. His unique rock/operatic voice was one of a kind. Klaus was not only an artist I worked with musically, but a true, kind friend too. I talk about working with Klaus, and even visiting him in his last days at Roosevelt Hospital in NYC. He's a rare, kind soul that is truly missed.

S3 E1 – Freddy Mercury tried to pick me up in a bar!

This is a very funny story of how Freddy Mercury [Queen Band] tries ZVERY hard to pick me up in a New York City gay bar. I thought he was some "look-a-like' person, trying to be Freddy Mercury, Check out how this story unfolds. Hysterical!