Klaus Nomi

Dear Klaus Nomi is intended to be listened from start to finish, as it tells a progressive musical story. It’s a “HiFi Headphone Album”, specially created for earbuds or headphones with sounds that are spatially and panoramically placed. You can of course listen via speakers, but you will lose a lot of detail. Please use the best audio platform available. Note: Klaus’ vocal recordings are approximately 40 years old and may contain artifacts.

Klaus was a dear friend, hence the name of the album. We often spoke about his music. He was unhappy with the production, but accepted it, as he wanted to keep his record deal. I promised Klaus in 1984 [from his hospital bed] that I would one day deliver him an album he would be proud of. I believe this is it. This is a major piece of work for me. Please enjoy this in it’s entirety, and thanks – Man Parrish