POPCORN [2021]

You'll probably recognize this track but didn't know the name. "Popcorn" (originally spelled "Pop Corn") is an early synth-pop instrumental, composed by early synthesizer artist Gershon Kingsley in 1969 and first appearing on his album Music to Moog By.

Spin Me Right Round [2021]

‘Spin Me Right Round" [dead or alive 1984 classic] remake is a new Man Parrish steven jones music & video  !!! Use earbuds the audio is crystal clear.. Try full-screen on a computer or turn your phone sideways for max viewing. Full remake version. Please share and help us get our music out there. Man Parrish music, steven jones vocals, a man Parrish video shot on an iPhone 11, from the "art of pop" album available worldwide for streaming and sale…enjoy !! Song Licensed and available Worldwide.

Warm Leatherette [2021]

Man Parrish - Steven Jones  "Warm Leatherette" 1970's REMAKE. A classic REMAKE (not remix)  of "The Normal" [band] 1970's underground club hit.  Available WorldWide. Video filmed entirely on an iPhone 11. Music and video by Man Parrish, Vocals by Steven Jones. PLEASE SHARE and enjoy! Song Licensed and available Worldwide.

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head [2021]

Man Parrish - Steven Jones "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" 2001 REMAKE Kylie Minogue Song. Shot On an iPhone 11. We licensed the song and it's available worldwide NOW! Steven Jones Vocals ~ Man Parrish Music ~ Video By Man Parrish. PLEASE SHARE AND HELP SPREAD OUR FREE VIDEO WORK. ENJOY AND THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND INTEREST! Song Licensed and available Worldwide.

Axel F [2021]

REMAKE not remix. It's that song everyone knows but doesn't know the name. It's a 1980's classic! From the upcoming album "The Art Of Pop" by Man Parrish & Steven Jones. PLEASE ENJOY THIS EXCLUSIVE TRACK VIDEO AND AUDIO PREVIEW! Use earbuds, headphones, or great speakers for the best effect! Video By Man Parrish. Available WorldWide. PLEASE SHARE !!!!!!!!! Song Licensed and available Worldwide.

Super Nature [2021]

MAN PARRISH ~ STEVEN JONES.” Super Nature" (Cerrone 1977 REMAKE). Man Parrish Music - Steven Jones Vocals .Filmed On An iPhone 11- Edited in Final Cut Pro Mac. PLEASE SHARE ! Help get our music out there ! Here's an interesting note... Lena Lovich (1980's - "Lucky Number" song artist/writer..) is credited as writing the lyrics with Cerrone... cool! Song Licensed and available Worldwide.

The Visitor [2021]

NEW MAN PARRISH - STEVEN JONES RELEASE. ‘THE VISITOR' remake from ABBA [1981]. Part of the ART OF POP Album. This is a POWERFUL song about suppression, communism, and controlling people's lives. We thought this would be timely for today's world situation. Listen to the lyrics carefully. Quite amazing. I did the video and music, Steven Jones did the vocals. PLEASE SHARE help us get our music out there, we're indie musicians and give this to you for free. Share if you can! Song Licensed and available Worldwide. if you wish to grab it.

The Model [2021]

THE MODEL" [Kraftwerk 1978 REMAKE]. It’s here! You asked, and we delivered. Here's the FREE full version video. PLEASE SHARE! "Kraftwerk never sounded soooo gay !" Lol. Man Parrish Music, Steven Jones Vocals. Filmed on an iPhone, edited in Final Cut Pro Mac. ENJOY AND SHARE !! Song Licensed and available Worldwide.