David Bowie’s Manager Tony De Fries [Main Man Management] picked me up, when Elektra Records met me in The Hit Factory recording studio in NYC. Tony saw an opportunity to make some money. He never heard of me before that meeting. What ensued was a $125,000.00 advance that was “spent” within a few months time. I didn’t see any of it. A few terrible career moves “get a rock band, synth music will never survive” and others, I lost my Elektra deal, became penniless and basically homeless. None of my record company money ever reached my hands. Check out this sad story that many musicians have endured from corrupt management that was common in those days.. [even Bowie].

S2 E3 - Hip Hop Be Bop's Shady Promotions
S2 E5 - When I Met Michael Jackson & Did His Remix