I was lucky enough, not only to go to the infamous Studio 54 club in New York City, but I also had the RARE honor of performing there, not once, but twice ! Once for the Fiorucci 15 year party on May 19th 1983, and for George Lucas for the New York opening movie premier party for Star Wars Return Of The Jedi. Years later, I found out WHY we got into the coveted Studio 54, club every week, when major celebrities stood outside. Turns out my [anonymous] friend was selling Quaaludes an 80’s [recreational drug] at Studio, and was “approved” by management! Also included here is the HYSTERICAL story about performing as I get “STUCK” 5 stories up in the wings of the stage, before being lowered down from above to the stage. Funny but dangerous and scary!

S4 E2 - I Survived Severe Child Abuse [Sensitive Subject Material Warning]