Season 1

S1 E8 – Sylvester, Divine, Gloria Gaynor, Meco

Great retro stories here. I was supposed to do Divine's [Pink Flamingoes Flim] next record. "Divi" went out to California to be on the famous tv series "Married With Children" I think as Peg's mother/ He had acid reflux and choked on his stomach contents and passed away the night before filming. I would have written and produced his next record. Funny how life unfolds! I also Was supposed to produce records for Sylvester [Do You Wanna Funk] and Meco [Disco Star Wars Album]. But... i DID do tracks for Gloria Gaynor's I Am What I Am" dance record. Check out this episode for the dish!

S1 E7 – Bowie, I snooped in his house 1970’s

Here's a great story of visiting David Bowie's house on 20th street in Chelsea, Manhattan. Cherry Vanilla and I were invited to go to the circus with Angie Bowie [his wife] and Zowie Bowie [his son Duncan Jones, now a film director].

S1 E6 – NYC 1970’s Before They Were Famous!

This is quite cool. I saw dozens of rock bands BEFORE they were famous, in local clubs in NYC in the 1970's. Names like ArrowSmith, Devo, Talking Heads, Bruce Springsteen, The Cars, Blondie, etc.

S1 E2 – Met Opera And Taking Acid At 14 Onstage!

I was an "EXTRA onstage at the New York Metropolitan Opera House, while I was going to The High School For Performing Arts [real high school portrayed in the movie "FAME"]. It was an evening job that paid $10 per scene and was an amazing experience for a 14-year-old boy.

S1 E1 – David Bowie – Cherry Vanilla And Young Americans

I had the honor of hanging out with David Bowie and my dear friend Cherry Vanilla in the 1970s. Here's the story of how we heard Bowie's hit "YOUNG AMERICANS" direct from the studio, months before it was released. We also met an "unknown" singer [at that time] called Luther Vandross and the beautiful Ava Cherry, who appeared on Bowie's TV Special "The 1984 Floor Show". Great story! Enjoy!