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Season 4

S4 E1 – Madonna Was MY Opening Act At Studio 54

I was lucky enough, not only to go to the infamous Studio 54 club in New York City, but I also had the RARE honor of performing there, not once, but twice ! Once for the Fiorucci 15 year party on May 19th 1983,

S4 E2 – I Survived Severe Child Abuse [Sensitive Subject Material Warning]

THIS IS SENSITIVE SUBJECT MATERIAL. MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR ALL VIEWERS. Posted to help survivors of abuse by telling my story. I ran away from home at the age of 14 years old. I was homeless in New York City, and that put a bullseye on my back for predators, child traffickers, pedophiles and opportunists.

S4 E3 – Cutting School In New York City. A Wonderland Awaits.

I was a ADD child. it was called "hyperactive" back then. Sitting still in school was difficult for me, being a child of family abuse. I "cut" school and took the train from Brooklyn, to Manhattan to explore the city. As a young child, it was a wonderland of sights, sounds and places to visit to educate and expand my mind. Take a peek at life back then.

S4 E4 – Unidisc and Importe 12 / Why I Never Got Paid EVER For My Music.

It's a story you've heard a million times. But it isn't ok. This story explains how and why I NEVER got paid for all those tracks many of you enjoy. After selling millions of records, some shady business dealings and crafty legal work blocked me from the successful business sales of my very own music.

S4 E5 – My Mom’s Child Abuse I Endured – My Darkest Times

I've been very open about my past and the physical, mental and sexual abuse in y early years. It's left me with many psychological scars that I carried for over 50 years. Thanks to a specialist in therapy, I'm regaining my life back. My mother was schizophrenic and undiagnosed.

S4 E6 – Boogie Down Bronx – How it Was Made

It was a very popular record. It sold millions of copies worldwide. It was played everywhere from the streets of New York City, throughout Europe to clubs and mixtapes in communist Russia and China. Yet this record was recorded and mixed in my tiny bedroom studio in Brooklyn, New York. John Carter [Johnski from "The Freeze Force Crew"] was a neighbor, and a last minute decision, and one vocal take, made this record complete. Check out the back story on this Hip Hop Classic from 1985.

S4 E7 – My WILD, Notorious 15 Year Weekly NYC Party

I ran the LONGEST continuous running party in New York City history. It ran 15 years EVERY Sunday [sometimes in other locations] without fail. It was scandalous to say the least. Think of a topless go-go bar with make dancers, instead of girls. It was nuts! We decorated and remodeled the club, changed furniture, created installations, moved walls and seating around and ran special black out events. Gays, straights, celebrities, and the who's who of the New York underground scene descended upon my party, and boy oh boy do I have stories...!

S4 E8 The Original Village People [Dish]

Many of you know I managed the original Village People for 6 years, on the road. We toured the world [including communist East Berlin when the wall was up!]. I "re-produced" and recorded much of their live touring show and a few singles. There's just some of the insane stories from these 6 wonderful years.

S4 E9 – Boy George [A Tragic Nightmare]

In the 1980s, Boy George [Culture Club] contacted me to do cover version of "Spirit In The Sky' with his friend Marylin. What ensued was on of the most tragic and nightmare situation in my life. Filled with dishonest promises, shade and death of my closest friend. There's actually way more and an even deeper story that I'm holding on to, but this is insane.